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  • 520 O-Ring Chain 130 length O Ring

    EK Chains are made in Japan.  520 Chain High quality O-ring chain seals in lube and keep debris out. Solid rollers and indented anti-kink bushings increase chain longevity. Japanese made chain with quad stakedriveting of pins into side plates...

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  • Battery - Sealed and Conventional

    Sealed Maintence Free 12V Batteries are sealed in impact resistant poly propylene case.  Higher quality than most Chinese made OEM Batteries.  Battery comes filled, charged and Load Tested! X4L-BS (4 7/16W x 2 3/4D x 3 1/2T)  Fits many 50...

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  • Battery Charger Maintainer Tender 12V

    The BikeMaster Charger/Maintainer 750MA is perfect for keeping all of your 12 volt lead acid batteries in top condition, including: Conventional Acid Batteries (Wet), Factory Activated Maintenance-Free Batteries (FA), Absorbed Glass Mat Maintenance-Free...

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  • Bearing

    Our bearings are developed for the difficult operating environment of the powersports industry.  Premium quality, Hi Speed with low drag, triple lip seals for superior exclusion of water and dirt.  Not made in China.  Bearings fit hubs,...

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  • Castrol Actevo Engine Oil 10W-40 1 Quart

    Actevo X-tra 4T Engine Oil is the oil we have been using for years on everything from our 110cc and 125cc single cylinder Chinese made toys on up to our 450 race bikes! Castrol Actevo X-tra™ is like a 24x7 bodyguard that protects your motorbike /...

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  • Clutch Cable Universal - Upgraded

    Our clutch cables are upgraded over stock designs on most OEM designs.  Cables are made in Taiwan and USA, not China. Length is total shielded portion of the cable including adjustable threaded end.  2nd measurement is amount of moveable cable...

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  • Cut Fee

    This fee is to have us cut a chain in your order to your desired length. Must be an even number. We also sell a Chain Breaker Tool 08-0001 if you are not sure how long you need your chain to be. Odd numbers will be rounded up.

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  • Ethanol Free Gas

    Visit for a list of Ethanol Free gas stations in the US and Canada!! We also sell the Helix 5 in 1 Fuel Additive if you must use Ethanol Fuel.